Service Features:

  • Tax efficiency planning
  • Pre-filing of approvals and valuations
  • Creating property tax calendars for compliance deadlines
  • Filing returns in an accurate and timely manner
  • Generate budget and accrual reports to keep clients fully informed
R.B. Mellander & Associates manages both subjective judgments and the maze of applicable statutes through decades of experience on both sides of the assessor’s desk.
For many of our clients, R. B. Mellander & Associates serves as a property tax department. In this role, we handle a variety of functions, including:

Review and identify areas of concern; determine tax consequences of mergers, divestitures, capital expansion, and the allocation of foreign and domestic assets for Foreign Tax Credit purposes
Valuation Assessments
Review valuations to ensure that current assessments are fair
and equitable
Maximize exemptions
Based on state and local regulations, take full advantage of available exemptions
Determined Representation
-Preparing and filing appeals, when necessary, with a two-tiered approach to valuations
-Audit representation, regardless of return origins